AZ Firefighter Memorial

Coe & Van Loo prepared preliminary and final design documents for the memorial. This included storm water retention, site grading, drainage design, utility locating, and topographical elevations. Construction documents were prepared to support the architectural plans for the project. The memorial consists of a concrete walkway that leads to a center courtyard. The center courtyard is emblazoned with the fire fighters Maltese-emblem etched in the concrete. The courtyard is surrounded by a low curved wall clad in black granite with the engraved names of the fallen personnel. The focal point of the memorial is a 30ft tall bell tower that is also clad in granite that is surrounded by a long tapered circular solid concrete wall clad in a black granite veneer that is engraved with names of those who died in the line of duty. There are custom bronze statues that surround the center courtyard. The statues represent different branches of the firefighters and emergency medical responders. The memorial itself is landscaped with grass, decorative slate rock, and trees. When the trees reach maturity, a quaint sanctuary will be created for the families and friends to mourn the fallen.

Project design and construction team included McCarthy Building Companies (general contractor), SmithGroup JJR (architect), PK Associates (structural engineer) and Coe & Van Loo Consultants (civil engineer).

The long-awaited North Access Trailhead finally opened to Arizona’s climbing and hiking communities – providing new access to the popular Tom’s Thumb area in North Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Mayor WJ “Jim” Lane was accompanied by Tom’s Thumb namesake, Tom Krueser, who opened the trail with a ceremonial carabiner! Notable landmarks are the Tom’s Thumb and the Markus Landslide hiking trails that give new foot access to an area that has long been popular with rock climbers.  Now with bathrooms, interpretive signing and well-marked trails, visitors can now have a shady place to sit and gather either before or after hikes. In addition, 10 horse trailer parking places were added.  The CVL Hike Club made it to the opening and hiked the Markus Landslide trail to commemorate the event.

Did you know that the Town of Buckeye has recently instituted a new policy change for construction plans?

As of April 2012, the Town of Buckeye will require all plans submitted for permits to use the official Town of Buckeye Standard Cover Sheet, Standard Second Sheet (for notes and key map), and the Town of Buckeye Plan Sheet templates. Template files are available on the Town of Buckeye website. We have provided the direct link to the documents for your convenience. Add this link to your favorites for easy reference.

Note that current projects will still need to be discussed with the Town of Buckeye on a case-by-case basis, but all new submittals will be required to use these new templates.

Whether in the Town of Buckeye or the southwest, please call CVL Consultants for your next project. We have deep relationships with each municipality in the greater Phoenix metro area, should you need assistance in that region.