Buckeye changes permitting policy

Did you know that the Town of Buckeye has recently instituted a new policy change for construction plans?

As of April 2012, the Town of Buckeye will require all plans submitted for permits to use the official Town of Buckeye Standard Cover Sheet, Standard Second Sheet (for notes and key map), and the Town of Buckeye Plan Sheet templates. Template files are available on the Town of Buckeye website. We have provided the direct link to the documents for your convenience. Add this link to your favorites for easy reference.

Note that current projects will still need to be discussed with the Town of Buckeye on a case-by-case basis, but all new submittals will be required to use these new templates.

Whether in the Town of Buckeye or the southwest, please call CVL Consultants for your next project. We have deep relationships with each municipality in the greater Phoenix metro area, should you need assistance in that region.