Mining, Oil & Gas

CVL Consultants provides design and field surveying for oil & gas pipelines.  Design services include design of bored crossings of major rivers, streams, and irrigation ditches, route selection, plan and profile design for pipelines in congested urban corridors and railroad rights of ways, permitting and processing, and re-location design for existing pipelines. Surveying services in this sector have included route topography surveys, aerial mapping of pipeline corridors, right of way research and mapping, and ALTA surveys of existing facilities.

Services Include

  • Aerial & site topography
  • ALTA / Boundary survey
  • Construction staking survey
  • Offsite and Onsite Hydrology
  • 404 permitting
  • Grading and drainage design
  • Offsite access road design/ encroachment permit
  • Grading permits
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) & Notice of Intent (NOI)
  • Fence plans
  • Fire suppression/ well sites
  • Water line extensions / sewage disposal
  • Zoning and special use permits / site design
  • Landscape architecture