Grand Village

Residential community with commercial uses

El Mirage, AZ

Services Provided:  Survey, Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Hydrology and Water/Wastewater

Project Description: Grand Village is a single-family residential neighborhood with commercial uses located at the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Thompson Ranch Road in El Mirage, Arizona. The community is approximately 47 gross acres consisting of approximately 5.8 acres of future commercial uses and 39.7 acres of residential area providing 156 single family detached lots.

The typical lot size in Grand Village is 45’ x 110’ for a residential density of 3.92 dwelling units per acre. Two points of access to the development are provided from Thompson Ranch Road to the west of the site. The community benefits from open space placed throughout the neighborhood with a centrally located amenity area providing accessible, dedicated recreational open space in convenient proximity to residents. All site development aspects of the project were coordinated by CVL from land planning through final design and construction.