City North Mixed-Use Development

Phoenix, AZ

Services Provided:  Road design, lotting, hydrology studies, innovative drainage solutions, landscape architecture design and implementation of entry experience, and site planning.

Project Description: CVL provided design services for 125-acre site with on and off-site improvements. CVL was instrumental in reviving an old design including lotting, road alignments, traffic patterns, and site integration of comfort stations within the project. Our team worked closely with the City of Phoenix staff to update the Conceptual Parcel Site Plan (CPSP), update the allotment schedule and rezoning of the specific plan to a relevant and marketable mix of retail, office, residential uses. CVL is preparing innovative design methods to reduce retention requirements on site by incorporating the use of arroyos and 404 washes bisecting the project. Additional design includes underground retention systems and drywells within private road easements.