Hilton Garden Inn

Prescott, AZ

Services Provided:  Civil engineering, survey, stormwater, and landscape architecture.

Project Description: CVL prepared construction documents for a 109-key hotel in the heart of Prescott overlooking The Granite Wash along famous Montezuma Road. Making the design more challenging was the fact that the hotel is entirely within the 100-year floodway. A Conditional Letter of Map Revisions (CLOMR) was prepared to prove to FEMA that a “no-rise” condition existed on site. CVL worked closely with City’s flood plain administrator, ownership group, and the architect to strategically place caissons and elevate the building to avoid flooding the hotel and prove no increase in base flood elevation. CVL provided design options to realign preexisting capital improvements project bisecting the property for new sewer and water mains to avoid the proposed hotel. Other design elements include: site planning the park north of the hotel to incorporate a proposed country market, delineating the 404 wash bisecting the project, landscape architecture design for incorporating an historic railroad trestle into the hotel and park design as well as a family-oriented park with a footbridge, splash pad and assembly areas, topography of the area and cross-sections for the CLOMR, grading and drainage design through the floodway, paving plans, and utility plans.