CVLCI Hike Club

CVL employees, friends, and family added more miles toward our goal of “Hiking 100 for Arizona” weekend.

Thank you to Debbie and Malina Cote, and David Huff for a great hike into Arizona’s Wet Beaver Creek and the Crack swimming hole. This 4-mile meander into a sunny yet cool canyon was the perfect respite from rising temperatures in the city.

Thank you also to Tim Stotler for pointing out that we were just a mile more away from Dairy Queen for a refreshing cool snack after our hike!

With this last trip, we are at 34 miles toward our goal of hiking 100 miles for Arizona’s Centennial Year. Watch for more invitations to come soon!  Anyone can join in and help us meet our goal!


Last week, CVL had our “Spring Stuffed Animal Pickup” at Shepherd of the Valley Preschool in greater Phoenix.  The toddlers there voluntarily collected nearly 500 stuffed animals for other children in need of comfort while at the Phoenix Police Department.

The Phoenix PD’s “Bears for the Brave” program is lead by the Crimes Against Children Unit. It receives donated stuffed animals and provides them to frightened, abused or neglected children at crime or accident scenes, or at police headquarters.

The kids at Shepherd of the Valley were adorable and so anxious to help others who “don’t have any stuffed animals.”  There was a lot of hugging, kissing and long goodbyes as the animals were handed off to Officer Potts.  The true highlight was when 10 kids carried out the biggest Scooby Doo I’ve ever seen!  It was a precious moment.

Officer Potts, Phoenix Police Department, handed out safety oriented coloring books, sticker badges and answered the kids’ questions. (Boy, were there a lot of questions!)

CVL continually collects stuffed animals and looks to partner with other organizations and schools that would like to help us support this program for the Phoenix PD. In the past 20 years, CVL has collected more than 20,000 stuffed animals for this effort. Phoenix police estimate that they hand out 300 per week, so more are always welcome and needed!  Thank you all for supporting “Bears for the Brave.”

Did you know that the Town of Buckeye has recently instituted a new policy change for construction plans?

As of April 2012, the Town of Buckeye will require all plans submitted for permits to use the official Town of Buckeye Standard Cover Sheet, Standard Second Sheet (for notes and key map), and the Town of Buckeye Plan Sheet templates. Template files are available on the Town of Buckeye website. We have provided the direct link to the documents for your convenience. Add this link to your favorites for easy reference.

Note that current projects will still need to be discussed with the Town of Buckeye on a case-by-case basis, but all new submittals will be required to use these new templates.

Whether in the Town of Buckeye or the southwest, please call CVL Consultants for your next project. We have deep relationships with each municipality in the greater Phoenix metro area, should you need assistance in that region.