Storm Water Master Planning – Railway

Second Creek Drainageway
Commerce City, Colo.

Project Size:  NA

Project Description: The development of the master-planned community of Turnberry in Commerce City, Colo., required regional infrastructure to address major storm drainage problems in this area. CVL was hired to provide storm water master planning, with earthen channel and box culvert design, as well as utilizing railroad jack and bore techniques.

Value Added:  Master plans prepared for the area, through the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, were the basis for designs of the new regional stormwater facilities.

Major drainageways and a tributary to Second Creek traversed the project, and afforded locations for the design of regional water detention facilities. Conveyance of this significant runoff dictated the design and construction of substantial earthen channels and concrete box culvert crossings near several major roadways.

Of particular note is the design and construction of several hundred feet of triple, 42-inch diameter steel pipe culverts, which were bored under the Burlington Northern Railroad and Colorado State Highway 2. This installation addressed restrictions against trenching through the railroad and highway and prevented road and rail closures.