Cotton Lane

Roadway Design & Construction

Goodyear, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Storm Water Management, Landscape architecture

Project Description:  New roadway design and construction of a four lane divided road with the design of an additional two lanes for future use.   In an effort to reduce grading in the hillside areas, a split of the northbound and southbound around a small hill is intended to enhance the driving experience and be sensitive to the natural character of the land. CVL had to coordinate with multiple disciplines and agencies, including the City of Goodyear, Maricopa County Flood Control, Maricopa Department of Transportation, Army Corp. of Engineers, Arizona Game and Fish, the bridge consultants, El Paso Gas, Buckeye Irrigation district, and the railroad.

• The removal and installation of a new 16“ high pressure gas line

• Coordination with Baker Engineering on the marriage of the Gila River Bridge plans and CVL’s roadway improvement plans.

• Coordination with Maricopa County Flood Control on the bridge abutments

• 404 permits with the Army Corp. of Engineers

• Drainage considerations with the uplands of King Ranch requiring box culverts

• Consideration for dipping the new 30” water line under the existing BID Canal and boring under the existing railroad tracks