Festival Ranch

Master Plan Community

Buckeye, Arizona

Services Provided: Civil Engineering, Water & Waste Water, Storm Water Management, Land Surveying, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture

Project Description:  The Festival Ranch community is comprised of approximately 10,105 acres.  The property is located in the northern portion of the Town of Buckeye.  The sheer magnitude of this project meant that phasing would need to occur.  Careful planning with the Town of Buckeye and Pulte Homes helped to coordinate efforts so that the development coincided with the clients immediate needs.

In addition to community housing, CVL also designed the police and fire stations, elementary school, community recreation center, 2 water wells, a water booster pump station, hospital and medical center.  CVL created commercial parcels to service the needs of the homeowners.  Although these have not yet been constructed the parcel plans are shovel ready.  Currently the Festival Ranch project is 35% percent complete and occupied by residents and businesses.

Special considerations included:

• Natural desert terrain.  Care was taken to plan around existing natural features.  CVL was able to incorporate these features increasing the visual appeal of the project.

• Washes with 404 designations to remain natural.  CVL and the project team wanted give the project a natural desert feel, by designating the 404 washes as natural, we were able to protect the habitats of indigenous animals.  Members of the community are also able to enjoy this natural environment.

• Water treatment plant – contaminants included: arsenic, fluoride and total dissolved solids.  By analyzing water samples for contaminants during the planning phase, CVL was able to determine the correct treatment options.  Design continued on schedule with no delays.

• Storm water runoff management. CVL was able to mitigate storm water runoff thereby lowering the impact to surrounding areas and the site itself.  By using a fi ltration system the quality of the storm water could be purifi ed before exiting the property.

• Coordinated with the subconsultant to help facilitate the archeological studies relevant to native peoples.  Through early coordination with the Archeological subconsultant CVL was able to expedite the construction process.

• Coordination with Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT).  Three roadway connections were required on this project.  CVL included MCDOT in all meetings pertaining to these roadways and was able to accelerate permitting and roadway easements.

• Waterline realignment. CVL was able to reroute and revise the water model to save the client ½ mile of 16 inch water line.  This ultimately saved the development ~$100,000 in construction costs.