Desert Oasis

Surprise, AZ

Services Provided: Survey, Land Planning, Engineering, Water Modeling, Water and Sewer Master Planning, Topographic Survey, Easement Descriptions, Master Hydrology, Master Engineering Services.

Project Description: The project consists of over 600 acres of residential development. At this time CVL is in the process of updating planning and engineering documents for 290 acres of the remaining residential uses. CVL is currently processing a Preliminary Plat and Zoning Amendment for approximately 850 single family lots. A comprehensive open space plan consists of approximately 30acres of open space connected by a network of linear parks with interspersed smaller neighborhood parks.

We completed Master Water and Sewer Reports updates for the 600 acre overall development. The Master Water Report included a well analysis, water demand analysis, sizing of storage and pumping facilities and costing of on site and off site water infrastructure improvements. The Master Sewer Report included the sizing and layout of the on-site collection system and the conceptual design for the new system and analysis of the existing system within the SPA-2 municipal service area. Upcoming CVL tasks include design and plan preparation for Phase 1 of this portion of Desert Oasis. CVL is also in the process of completing a CLOMR for the project based on pad fill for a portion of the project currently in the FEMA flood plain. Intensive offsite roadway improvements are also planned along Jomax Road and 171st Avenue.