Camino A Lago

Master Plan Community

Peoria, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Water & Storm Water, Storm Water Management, Land Surveying, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture

Project Description:  The Camino A Lago project is a 365 acre 1250 unit single family master planned community located in Peoria Arizona.  The project contained extensive drainage channel design to convey offsite flows.  CVL worked closely with the Flood Control District to ensure the project was not delayed.

Special considerations included:

• Portions of the sewer line were designed within existing roadways that contained multiple existing utilities.  Utility coordination was a critical component to the success of this project. CVL was able to coordinate efforts with utility companies during the early planning phase and was able to mitigate future issues.

• The soil conditions consisted of sandy cobble material that makes sewer construction difficult.  CVL was able to plan early and design to minimize the amount of sewer within the cobble conditions and reduce the need for trench shoring thereby reducing overall construction costs and minimizing safety issues.

• Extensive storm drain, drainage channels and box culverts throughout the site added to sewer design difficulties. Preplanning of the sewer alignments and drainage requirements resulted in minimal storm drain, drainage channels and box culvert crossings.  This reduced sewer depths and ultimately construction costs.

Special considerations:

• A tight time frame, which CVL was able to accomplish with a complete and accurate set of plans that were approved at second submittal.

• An active sewer line running through the middle of the site serviced adjacent properties and needed to remain operational until the new relocated line could be built. CVL was able to get the plans through the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department in two days and get the water and sewer plans approved by the City of Tempe as a separate stand-alone submittal. This allowed the contractor to start the relocation as soon as possible.

• Retention was also a challenge for the site, as there was little open space available. CVL was able to resolve this issue by using an underground storage system under the parking garage and then bleeding the system to drywells.