Wickenburg ADMS/P

Watershed, Flood Profile & Mapping

Wickenburg, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Storm Water Management, Landscape architecture

Project Description: The Wickenburg ADMS/P is a large project that consists of approximately 252 square miles of watershed area. The purpose of the study portion of this project is to define and quantify flood hazards by mapping floodplains and floodways throughout the watershed area. These new maps will be coordinated with existing floodplains and floodways already established along the Hassayampa River. After quantifying these flood hazards, existing flood-prone areas are revealed, which gives rise to mitigation planning. The purpose of the planning portion of this project is to develop and recommend strategies to mitigate flood hazards identified in the study.

The project consists of three (3) phases. Each phase is geographically divided throughout the watershed area by priority of need. Because of the magnitude of this project, a seamless team of three (3) well organized consultants were required. The consultant team, which consists of HoskinRyan, Dewberry, and CVL, has divided the watershed area and tributaries of the riverine system for ease of coordination. The project started in July 2010. Currently, the project is concluding Phase II hydrology modeling and is in the middle of Phase II hydraulic modeling. At this time, the entire project is expected to conclude in January 2013.

CVL, like other consultants, has completed research and data collection necessary to support the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis. CVL used ArcGIS, DDMSW, HEC-1, and flow master to develop the hydrology results, and ArcGIS; HEC-GeoRas and HEC-RAS modeling to develop the hydraulic results. Flood profiles were developed with RASPLOT which gave way to floodplain and floodway delineations. Technical Design Notebooks for CLOMR submittals have been prepared for the work completed to date. From the inception of this project, CVL has developed a reputation for having the least amount of review comments.