Thunderbird Road 16-inch Water Main Replacement – ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award Winner

City of Peoria, AZ

Services Provided: Water/ Wastewater, Coordination with City of Peoria & ADOT, MOPO, utility locations & minimized conflicts, potholing, avoided costly conflicts, traffic control, permitting, CA&I, CMAR

Project Description: Contracted by the City of Peoria to perform design, study, and construction management services for rehabilitating a 16-inch water main and nine new lateral replacement lines ranging from 4 to 12 inches on Thunderbird Road. Due to high traffic volume and ADOT requiring the main to be installed in a steel casing pipe by trenching or by jack and bore, CVL recommended a new lining technology for 1,335 feet of the existing 16-inch water main with an in-situ product called PrimusLine as a cost & time-saving option. Lining for this project was successfully installed in 20 minutes.