104th Avenue & Colorado State Highway 2

Transportation Expansion & Storm Water Management

Commerce City, Colorado

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Storm Water Management, Land Planning

Project Description: The rapid growth in northeast metropolitan Denver necessitated the expansion of a transportation network, including 104th Avenue and portions of Colorado State Highway 2. This roadway was widened from a two-lane rural thoroughfare into major arterial status.

Value Added: The project included storm water management, railroad crossings, box culvert design, entitlements, as well as construction administration. The Burlington Northern Railroad runs parallel to Highway 2 and their close proximity to the intersection of Highway 2 & 104th Avenue created a design challenge regarding signalization at the intersection. Additional challenges included the design of intersections with multiple turn lanes in all directions, drainage structures for crossing major tributaries to the Second Creek drainageway, and designs for crossing the O’Brian Canal.

CVL, working with Commerce City, the Colorado Department of Transportation and a team of sub-consultants, designed, entitled and monitored construction of 1.5 miles of the project, along with major intersections and portions of Colorado State Highway 2.

23rd Avenue & Roeser Road

Storm Water Management

Phoenix, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Storm Water Management

Project Description: The land use plan in a long-established area of Phoenix did not take into consideration future development and watershed runoff changes. Watershed runoff had been greatly reduced through subsequent residential development in and around the area. CVL coordinated efforts between the City of Phoenix and Salt River Project design teams to create a new area drainage master plan, detention basin, and storm drain system.

The project consisted of a Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) including HEC-1 Model; the design of a 37-acre-feet Detention Basin including soccer field lighting; Low Flow Channel and Outlet Structure design; 0.5 mile 78 inch, 0.5 mile 60-inch, and 0.5 Mile 42-inch storm drain design; and Hydraulic Gradient matching the Salt River water surface.

Because each of the developable sites contained site-specific retention that reduced overall watershed runoff, CVL was able to downsize from a 108-inch storm pipe to a 78-inch storm pipe. That alone saved the City of Phoenix approximately $3 million in construction costs.

CVL evaluated other, less costly, alternatives for backfill. CVL ultimately determined that if City of Phoenix would annex property along 27th Avenue, the project could be constructed using local municipal code standards, which permitted native backfill material. Using native backfill material enabled the City of Phoenix to save approximately $900,000.

Second Creek

Master Plan Community, Drainageaway

Commerce City, Colorado

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Storm Water Management, Land Planning

Project Description: The development of the master-planned community of Turnberry in Commerce City, Colo., required regional infrastructure to address major storm drainage problems in this area. CVL was hired to provide storm water master planning, with earthen channel and box culvert design, as well as utilizing railroad jack and bore techniques.

Master plans prepared for the area, through the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, were the basis for designs of the new regional stormwater facilities.

Major drainageways and a tributary to Second Creek traversed the project, and afforded locations for the design of regional water detention facilities. Conveyance of this significant runoff dictated the design and construction of substantial earthen channels and concrete box culvert crossings near several major roadways.

Of particular note is the design and construction of several hundred feet of triple, 42-inch diameter steel pipe culverts, which were bored under the Burlington Northern Railroad and Colorado State Highway 2. This installation addressed restrictions against trenching through the railroad and highway and prevented road and rail closures.

Southeastern Colorado

Water Transmission

Southeastern Colorado

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Water/Wastewater

Project Description: CVL Consultants has completed several alternatives for a 150-mile water transmission project to deliver water from southeastern Colorado to the Front Range.  The project included an RO treatment facility, a 24-inch diameter conveyance conduit and approximately 11 booster stations. The design also contemplates an in-line turbine to sustainably recover energy.  CVL’s solution included topographic survey, preparation of easement and right-of-way obtainment support documents, jurisdictional approval consulting, coordination of gas and electric service to the system components, and facilities site design.