Loma Linda Park

Park Expansion

Goodyear, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Water/Wastewater, Storm Water Management, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture

Project Description: An aging 6-acre park located in the historic downtown of Goodyear Arizona, needed to be redesigned for future development and expansion.   The park currently consists of a large group of ramadas, tennis courts, community swimming pool, community center, playground, and flood irrigated fields. An existing stand of large mature canopy trees, are being preserved to maintain the established beauty of the park ambiance.  The design will also include water conservation efforts through the storing of non-potable water for spray irrigation rather than traditional flood irrigation.

The park site is adjacent to a church and school where there will be opportunities for shared use of the facilities.  Careful coordination with community, church officials, Goodyear city staff and others have led to a public private partnership in design.  Public design charrettes have facilitated the process by incorporating the ideas of the many diverse users of this park. Additions to the existing park include: basketball and volleyball courts, a shaded playground and splash pad, and expansion of the existing community center all while maintaining the original historic feel of the park.