Hotevilla-Bacavi Community School

Water and Sewer Rehabilitation

Hotevilla, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Water/WasteWater

Project Description: A fifty year old water and sewer system had reached its functioning capacity. CVL designed the replacement water and sewer systems and provided construction administration services for the School Board.

Special Considerations:

• During construction, the full-time elementary school (Headstart through 6th grade) would remain in session. Service to on-site teacher housing was also to be maintained.  CVL coordinated efforts with the construction fi rm to limit the construction activities to 4 days/week to minimize disruption to the students.  Cooperation with all of the stakeholders meant that student schedules remained on track.  No lost school days were realized.

• Fire flows needs were met by installing a dedicated 500 gpm package booster pump system with emergency back-up power.  On-site fi re protection was a necessity for this site.  In discussions with the School Board and concerned parents, CVL discovered that the normal fi re department (located in Tuba City) response times were typically one hour.  By installing the booster pumps, the school was now able to sustain its own fi re protection system thereby saving lives and preventing properties lost.

This project is a true representation of a public private partnership creating a greater good for the community.