Chaparral Water System Comprehensive Planning Study

Maricopa County, AZ

Services Provided: Water/ Wastewater, Model calibration with data loggers, identification of system deficiencies, infrastructure repair options, costing, multiple zones.

Project Description: The Chaparral Water System (CWS) is owned and operated by EPCOR Water. It provides water to approximately 13,800 services in Fountain Hills, AZ. CVL is currently providing water planning, modeling and an analysis of water resources for EPCOR. The specific work tasks includes projecting water demands in 5, 10 year and buildout time horizons, determining the water system infrastructure needs for the overall system by pressure zones and providing project recommendations/ cost estimates for system improvements. Also included in the work is a Vulnerability Analysis of well water and Central Arizona Project (CAP) sources serving the CWS stressed by the long term drought. The water system modeling is being performed with the InfoWater software.