Carefree Water System Evaluation & Financial Assessment

Carefree, AZ

Services Provided: Water/ Wastewater, field verification, water system verification, cost estimating, water modeling, demand calculations, report writing.

Project Description: CVL is performing a water system evaluation and financial assessment for the Carefree Water Company (CWC) as part of CWC’s program to acquire three neighborhoods now being served by the Cave Creek Water Company. The combined number of services from the three neighborhoods would increase CWC’s customer base by approximately 30% to approximately 2,600 services. CVL performed a visual inspection of the existing water infrastructure and booster pumps with Town of Carefree and Cave Creek staff. Possible interties and system improvements were generated and evaluated using the InfoWater modeling software. Water infrastructure improvement alternatives to extend service to each of the three neighborhoods were developed and estimated. A draft Capital Improvement Program (CIP) was developed.