Shonto Government Complex

New Building Construction

Shonto, Arizona

Project Description: The Shonto Government sought to develop raw land into a 42,000-square-foot local government complex and create 18 new homes.  Development required survey, onsite and offsite drainage analysis, design, retention facilities, grading and paving, sewer line relocation, waterlines, access roads, landscape architecture and parking facilities.

The existing site presented numerous design challenges, such as an undersized and shallow sewer line, existing major thoroughfares traversing the site, existing turnouts into the site not providing convenient site access, and minimal area for onsite retention. CVL, in collaboration with the architects, held several meetings with the members of the Community Governance and Navajo Nation Design and Engineering Services (NNDES) to synthesis a workable approach.

By using applicable NNDES, Indian Health Services (IHS) and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) standards, CVL was able to retrofit the sewer line to handle this public project. Through careful and collaborative discussions with the Community Governance and reviewing agencies, CVL was able to adapt the existing sewer standards to better meet the needs of this facility.