Parking Design for Chapter Houses

Various sites:
Tuba City Veterans Center, Shiprock Judicial Center, Chinle Senior Center, Fort Defiance Senior Center, Tohatchi Group Home, Alamo Court House, Nahodishgish Senior Center

Project Description: CVL has worked closely with Tribal Nation Chapter Houses, governmental agencies, and commercial clients to provide cost-effective solutions for parking lot construction at gathering sites on Tribal lands in the Southwest’s “Four Corners” area.  Parking lots themselves may not seem complicated, but if improperly designed and installed, they can lead to premature or uneven paving, poor drainage, and pavement cracking.

CVL’s parking design work has provided numerous environmental benefits, as well as safety and maintenance assurances, including:
  • Dust Control – keeping particulate counts in the air to a minimum
  • Leaking vehicle oil – creating a barrier against leaking vehicle oil or fluids that could seep into and damage the soil
  • Disabled Access – ensuring access ramps and designated parking spaces for the handicapped
  • Transportation Flow – enabling vehicles to park in an orderly fashion, maximizing the space and creating a clear pattern for traffic
  • Pedestrian Ease – creating level, stable ground for pedestrians on foot
  • Grounds Protection – parking lots keep vehicles in controlled areas
  • Water Channeling – installing curbs, gutters and V-ditches channels water runoff following storm events into controlled areas–minimizing flooding and puddles
  • Snow Removal – creating even, flat surfaces to make snow removal less cumbersome
  • Vehicle Care – minimizing wear and tear on vehicles otherwise caused by regular parking on uneven surfaces