ASU’s Nelson Fine Arts and Music Plaza Redevelopment

Tempe, AZ

Services Provided:  Landscape architecture, civil engineering, and construction phase services.

Project Description: CVL is currently providing professional design services to complete a redevelopment project for the Nelson Fine Arts Center and Music Plaza on the main campus of ASU in Tempe, AZ. Design objectives include the creation of an attractive, cohesive space which responds to a wide range of student uses and the resolution of existing flooding and site drainage issues across the plaza. CVL is also working within the parameters of a national certification program, the Sustainable Sites Initiative (“SITES”), to ensure the renovated site meets strict environmental design standards. As part of the SITES design process, CVL has engaged diverse stakeholders to ensure the design program addresses real needs and functions identified by users and is working closely with the contractor to ensure multi-phased construction meets SITES requirements. Instrumental in providing value engineering services for a wide variety of products including: retention basin design, piping, construction practices. CVL proposed an alternative design for underground stormwater retention basins using polymer arches in lieu of convention corrugated metal tanks. Open bottom storage allowed discharge of stormwater into aquifer without costly dry well installation. System design provided a more sustainable alternative to heavy freight delivery costs. Sustainable Design Department within ASU was consulted to develop a monitoring system to test and evaluate water quality and quantity to create a baseline for future growth and evaluation of stormwater.