Arizona Humane Society

Nonprofit Organization Park Plan

Phoenix, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Storm Water Management, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture

Project Description: CVL was tasked with developing a park plan that addressed the site’s history, merged the needs of very divergent stakeholders (preservation versus recreation), and was constructible with little available funding. A master plan, archeological and historic reports, and a biological assessment were generated.

CVL conducted an analysis of the off-site drainage and designed a flood wall and drainage channel to convey off-site flows around the site and eliminate flooding to the structures.

Special Considerations: CVL held numerous meetings with Arizona Humane Society staff to establish their wants and needs for the project. By coordinating in the pre-design phase with staff, CVL was able to design the site to meet their direct specifications. This in turn allowed the design process to proceed with no design delays.

The site was to remain open during the construction phase. CVL thoughtfully planned the construction to minimize disruption to the operation of the facilities.