Right of Way Improvements

BSNF & Union Pacific
Fort Worth, Tex.

Project Size:

Project Description: Located in downtown Fort Worth, Tex., Tower 55 is one of the busiest and most congested rail intersections in the United States. Nearly 100 trains move through the intersection daily carrying high-priority truck trailers or containers on railcars across coal, agricultural products, industrial and manufactured goods. An additional 43 commuter trains use the adjacent Trinity Railway Express each week day.

Value Added: CVL was hired to supply surveying, mapping and ROW survey services on the Tower 55 project. We mapped various alignments, made boundary surveys, and researched other supporting services for the acquisition of property along the project route. With funding from the Department of Transportation’s National Infrastructure Investments TIGER II Discretionary Grant, Tower 55 improvements were designed to enhance the environment, economy and lives of people living and working near this vital corridor.