Large Diameter Sewer Line

Elwood Road Sewer Main
Goodyear, Ariz.

Project Size:  24,000 linear feet

Project Description: CVL provided engineering design, preparation of construction documents and probable construction cost, and bid documents for the installation of approximately 13,500 linear feet of large diameter sewer, including 8,400 linear feet of 54-inch pipe, 1,950 linear feet of 60-inch sewer, and approximately 300 linear feet of 72-inch steel casing, 200 linear feet of jack and bore, and associated work.  CVL also prepared legal descriptions with exhibits to assist the City of Googyear in the acquisition of easements and right-of-way.

Value Added:  This interceptor that was installed opened a 10.5 square-mile area of Goodyear for full sewer service. Temporary lines, lift stations and undersized sewers could be abandoned as a result of CVL’s design. This sewer system now provides the City of Goodyear with more developable land, giving the City another tax-generating revenue stream.

Improperly installed 54-inch pipe (resulting from a previous Contractor’s poor quality control) threatened the project acceptance.  CVL performed a review of the detailed survey elevations for each pipe section with hydraulic calculations and recommended that 1,200 linear feet of 54-inch pipe with two manholes be removed and re-installed. Project approval was obtained. Through CVL’s redesign, legal action was avoided — keeping the project active and moving forward.