Historic Park Preservation

Kiel Ranch Historic Park
North Las Vegas, Nev.

Project Size:  7 acres

Project Description: Kiel Ranch was a dilapidated historic site with Nevada’s oldest adobe building and a rare active artesian spring.  CVL was tasked with developing a park plan that addressed the site’s history, merged the needs of very divergent stakeholders (preservation versus recreation), and was constructible with little available funding.  A master plan, archeological and historic reports, and a biological assessment were generated.

Value Added:  CVL’s program included the design of a natural/soft surface pathway system, interpretive signage, restoration of the adobe structure and the ranch entry drive, and rehabilitation of the artesian spring with historically correct sustainable materials and techniques.

Additionally, the historic portion of the park was secured with an 8-foot-high gated view fence. Public access was established at the northern portion of the park, with two small pervious DG parking lots providing parking and dramatic overlooks. Bioswales, infiltration basins and the pervious paving help filter and decrease runoff into the spring.

CVL was able to save critical components of the historical buildings, enabling funding as well as preserving the integrity of the site. The ultimate design can help facilitate future funding from the US EPA and Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act.