Solar Array Design

Arizona Public Service
Yuma County, AZ

Project Size:  2,000 acres, 300 megawatts 

Project Description: CVL began this project in preparation of the ALTA survey and aerial topography.  It has grown to include all aspects of permitting, remote location, and right of way acquisition for a new Solar Array facility.   

Value Added:

CVL has been involved throughout the life of the project completing permits for the grading, drainage, flood plain use permit, and encroachment permit.  As part of these permits, CVL completed onsite grading plans, final drainage report, demolition plans, fence plans, and storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP).

CVL also completed construction plans for access to the site, including work with the Arizona Department of Transportation for right of way.  CVL also completed several months of construction staking and, during the construction stage of the project, CVL performed engineering-related inspections.  Construction plans were also prepared for construction move-on for the client.  These included a construction office site plan, septic disposal, water, electrical power for the offices, and fuel storage.