Aqua Caliente Solar

Solar Renewable Energy

Dateland, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Storm Water Management, Land Surveying, Land Planning

Project Description: For this project CVL prepared ALTA, aerial topography, and detailed topography for the site development of the project. CVL is also providing project construction staking. Work completed to date includes onsite stormwater channel design, site boundary, roadway access layout, and boundary perimeter fence.

Mesquite Solar

Solar Renewable Energy

Maricopa County, Arizona

Services Provided:  Civil Engineering, Storm Water Management, Land Planning

Project Description: Preliminary engineering design by CVL was able to facilitate the identification of potential storm water control issues.  Using a value engineering design approach, CVL produced two viable design alternatives to address storm water control.

Option 1:  Utilizing drop structures in the east/west channels enabled CVL to reduce the slope of the channel, thus reducing the storm water velocities. Reduction of storm water velocities enabled the reduction of channel rip-rap necessary for erosion control. Option 1 saved the client in overall material costs.

Option 2:   In place of drop structures, CVL designed multiple small retention basins along the east/west channels, allowing the larger retention basin at the collection site to be  greatly reduced.  The small retention basins eliminated all channel rip-rap and helped regain valuable developable property near the former large retention basin.  This option’s savings to the client included reduced earthwork and material costs as well as increasing the area of  viable land for development.