Our Foundation

Founded in southwestern Arizona as Coe & Van Loo in 1958, our company has made a lasting impact on communities across the continent by providing the highest level of service to private clients and governmental agencies.  CVL specializes in civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, water/wastewater, storm water engineering, land planning, construction observation, and permitting.  Our highly qualified teams plan and revitalize communities, design infrastructure, and create innovative solutions. Let CVL bring your vision to life.



  • 58
  • Bill Van Loo and Percy Coe – two University of Arizona alumni – decide to pool their strengths after independent careers in mining, irrigation and engineering. Coe & Van Loo is born. Offices open in and near Yuma, Arizona.
  • 59
  • Phoenix homebuilder Allied Construction Co. hires Coe & Van Loo to design its first master-planned community. Coe & Van Loo opens an office in downtown Phoenix.


  • 60
  • Coe & Van Loo is hired for its largest residential project yet – “Park Scottsdale” by Hallcraft Homes – and becomes the area’s premier land development engineering consulting firm.
  • 69
  • Coe & Van Loo grows to 40 employees and becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Arizona Colorado Land & Cattle Company.


  • 72
  • The company expands to Lakewood, Colorado after purchasing Jaschke Engineering.
  • 73
  • Coe & Van Loo’s fifth and current office location in Arizona is built specifically for the company by architects Don Schwenn and Jerry Clark. It becomes the company’s national headquarters.
  • 75
  • Coe & Van Loo wins their first project in the Middle East. The company is contracted for sewer master planning in Basra, Iraq.
  • 76
  • Jack Coe, son of founder Percy Coe, becomes president of the company.
  • 77
  • Percy Coe goes on a family vacation to the Galapagos Islands and unexpectedly passes away.
  • 78
  • Coe & Van Loo celebrates its 20th anniversary.


  • 82
  • Jack Coe leaves Coe & Van Loo to start his own firm. Bill Van Loo continues to be involved in daily operations.
  • 83
  • Michael Geddes purchaes Coe & Van Loo and becomes chairman of the board. Over the ensuing years, ownership in the firm is also made available to other key employees.


  • 92
  • The company opens an office in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • 98
  • Les Olson becomes president during the company’s 40th anniversary year.


  • 00
  • The company opens an office in Denver, Colorado
  • 02
  • Coe & Van Loo institutes a “Service First” program.
  • 04
  • Coe & Van Loo is granted a license from the Federal Communications Commission for its own radio frequency, used in conjunction with Global Positioning Systems at client worksites.
  • 05
  • Bill Van Loo passes away August 5, 2005. He never stopped working at the business he co-founded 47 years before.
  • 08
  • Coe & Van Loo celebrates 50 years of quality design and engineering services.
  • 09
  • Coe & Van Loo officially changes its name to CVL Consultants, Inc.


  • 10
  • CVL forms a renewable energy division.
  • 11
  • CVL expands its activities in the energy sector and is retained in North Dakota, where increasing oil and natural gas extraction activity necessitates new residential developments and civil engineering to support works at well sites.
  • 15
  • Ryan Weed, PE, becomes President and CEO of Arizona operations.