Windermere Ranch

Gated Single-family Subdivision

Chandler, Arizona

Services Provided:  Planning, Civil Engineering, Water/Wastewater, Survey, Stormwater

Project Description: The proposed development is approximately 39.75 gross acres located at the northeast corner of Cooper Road and Riggs Road.  Windermere Ranch is proposed as a highly amenitized, gated, single-family subdivision that offers future residents a sense of community and opportunities to interact together as families and as a neighborhood. The proposed lots within the development will be an average of 10,000 square-feet. There is a centralized open space that will act as retention, but also a gathering place for the residents. Due to being bordered by major streets on the south and west, large open space is being designed along the perimeter to act as a buffer. The site is bound by existing residential development to the north, south and west; there is also a commercial/office development to the west. Farm fields border the site along the east. Improvements also include the design and construction of the east half of Cooper Road.

Design of the site includes extensive coordination with SRP and RWCD due to existing utilities within the site area. An SRP substation is located at the northwest corner of the site. CVL is working to ensure the homes that are near to the substation are as desirable as the other homes within the community.  There is an existing RWCD irrigation ditch along the north perimeter of the site; however, the ditch is being abandoned.